Our Team

Getting the job done for you

Ardent Fieldwork is a close knit team working together and ready to work for you. Most of our team members have know each other for many years and we thrive on getting the job done for our clients.

We have an abundance of experience working in market research fieldwork and as a result have developed a trusted and experienced network of recruiters, interviewers and partners that we work with across the UK, Ireland and Internationally.

Vipul Chokshi


Vipul heads up Ardent Fieldwork with a truly ‘hands on’ approach, personally managing all projects. Vipul has over 17 years experience in market research fieldwork management and was previously a Director at Field Initiatives.

He is highly experienced in both qualitative and quantitative fieldwork and has worked across a range of project types including Field, B2B, CATI, Online and Client Lists.

Vipul has presented a paper at the Insight show and the Field Conference (Titled - From the Cottage Industry to the Digital Age) focusing on the future of qualitative fieldwork.

He has also contributed an article to AQR’s Inbrief magazine (Titled - Digital Recruitment Learning’s) looking at how best to utilise digital recruitment in qualitative research.

Parul Ranpura

(Associate Project Manager)

A Quantitative Researcher with over 8 years of experience. She has previously worked at NMG Consulting and RDSi managing both ad hoc research projects and large scale tracking studies.

Parul specialises in questionnaire design, fieldwork management, data analysis, reporting and providing insight.

Sarah Nevols 

(Associate Project Manager)

Sarah brings over 12 years of experience in managing Field, B2B and Consumer list recruitment. She specialises in managing challenging large scale projects with complex quotas, both nationally and internationally.

Louise Fernandez

(Associate Project Manager)

Has over 9 years’ experience as Telephone Unit Supervisor, managing Consumer and B2B client list projects as well as CATI projects. Louise was previously a supervisor at Field Initiatives and specialises in managing free finding projects for hard to recruit respondents via cold calling.

Ruth McKay

(Associate Project Manager)

Ruth has over 20 years’ experience in recruiting and project management of Financial, B2B and High Net Worth projects. She is an expert at recruiting respondents to take part in market research from client lists.

Vipul is also skilfully supported on projects as required by:

Simon Greenwood (Associate Project Manager)

Simon has over 15 years of experience in CATI, B2B and Client List Recruitment Projects. He specialises in recruiting hard to reach B2B audience and recruiting for international projects

Zayed Boyd (Associate Project Manager)

With 8 years of experience in Market research, Zayed is adept at both B2B and consumer qualitative projects as well as fast turnaround CATI projects.

Susan Allen (Associate Project Manager)

Susan has 10 years’ experience in recruiting for B2B and Consumer projects from client lists as well as conducting CATI interviews. Sue’s strengths are location / on-site recruitment and conducting fast turnaround CATI research projects.