B2B Research

For Business to Business research we are able to recruit/interview anyone from Owners and Directors of companies to other senior decision makers within departments (e.g. Finance, IT, HR Marketing, Sales). We also have a great deal of experience in the financial sector (e.g. Accountants, IFAs and Brokers), IT & Telecoms, Education and the Healthcare sector (e.g. GP’s, Nurses, Dentists, and Pharmacists) plus a wide range of other business areas.

Here are some examples of recent projects we have recruited:

B2B (recruitment from client lists and lists purchased by us)

Groups with Insurance Brokers
Groups and depths with Independent Financial Advisors
Groups with Software developers/ Engineers
Online Bulletin board with people using design software
Groups and Depths SME’s with Private Medical Insurance
Telephone depths with Social Workers
Groups with Businesses (Owners, FD’s and Senior HR) on Pension Auto enrolment
Workshops with Farmers
Telephone depths with people responsible for industrial gloves purchase
Depths with Pastry Chefs and Head chefs
Telephone and F2F depths with Senior HR people in UK and US
F2F depths with funeral directors
F2F depths with SME’s using various card payment methods
Groups with SME’s about using delivery services
F2F and telephone Depths with various types of tradesmen about the Construction Industry Scheme
Telephone depths with people working in the Banking industry – across different countries
F2F onsite visit with Electrician and Gas Engineers
F2F depths with IT Directors in Medium / Large companies